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Cyril J. Cromwell

I apply my academic background and extensive community experiences to building capacity and knowledge mobilization in marginalized communities. Understanding that there is a great amount of invaluable tacit and theoretical knowledge already contained within communities, I work with agencies and institutions to optimize program design, evaluation measures and outcome indicators. With my professional experience in education, media arts and front-line youth engagement I allow my diverse talents to embolden my community engagement practices and perspectives.


What I'm good at

With over a decade of experience in social service work, academia and professional media production services, I offer collaborators a unique and enriching perspective. I also believe in utilizing my strong local and international networks to connect my colleagues with opportunities.

Media Production

I have over 10 years of experience in professional media production with a specialization in photography and video. I have engaged in wedding photography, commercial portraits, product photography, special event coverage and international projects and produced a number of promotional and arts-based videos. I am familiar with the Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro and a host of other software tools.  

Teaching / Facilitation

Besides studying special topics in education at a graduate level, I have assisted the instruction of students from Jr. High to University. I have also led in-person and online certificate courses for youth worker professional development. During my time as a Curriculum Specialist, I worked on balancing content with presentation to make the learning experience more engaging and accessible.

Research / Reporting

My academic background has sharpened my research development skills and ability to synthesize important findings for stakeholders. Beginning with reflective conversations and a review of relevant literature, I enjoy creating research reports that address complex questions and challenge us to do better with a more informed approach.

Evaluation / Strategic Planning

My approach to program evaluation design and strategic planning is grounded in a collaborative process. I believe that all stakeholders have valuable insight to contribute to processes of organizational reflexivity and improvements. Beginning with conversation and informed by evidenced-based insights, I enjoy bringing a critical and hopeful perspective to initiatives that are ready to push themselves to greater heights with integrity.

Online Solutions

I have been designing websites since 2007 and believe that online tools of communication should be accessible and well used by individuals and businesses on every level. Currently, I am providing consultations on effective website and social media strategies and connecting businesses to affordable solutions. I am also familiar with a number of powerful web-based platforms and software solutions that can alleviate tedious workflows and redundant business administration tasks.

Entrepreneurial Training

For those who are new to running a business or for people who may only be starting to consider entrepreneurial options, my consultation sessions offer a fast-tracked method of building a start-up. Discussing branding, business plans, registration, customer service, personal and professional well-being and the sense of “purpose” that gives us the drive to see our vision through, my consultations are based on deep reflection and very practical steps to realizing your vision.


I work with cool companies

Here is a small sample of the great partnerships I have enjoyed recently.

Ministry of Education

Keynote Speaker (2017)

I was pleased to be the keynote speaker for the Ontario Ministry of Education’s symposium for the Urban and Priority High Schools program. During this presentation I spoke to some of the contradictions and opportunities in that province’s education system and shared personal testimony about my own experiences in the Toronto District School Board.


Curriculum Design & Facilitation (2016 – 2017)

As a Youth Work Curriculum Specialist with the central office of the Youth Research and Evaluation Exchange (sponsored by the Ontario government and based in York University), I helped to design and launch in-person and online training certificates. (2016 – 2017)


Online Course Development (2017)

As a Curriculum Specialist that was partnered with Easy Metro Youth Services (EMYS), I helped to coordinate the creation the Youth Outreach Worker Learning Hub, a professional development training program for youth workers across the province of Ontario. (2017)


Workshop Facilitation (2017)

I supported the Ministry of Child and Youth Services (MCYS) in outreach efforts in Thunder Bay, promoting the launch of funding initiatives for youth-led programs like Trilliums Youth Opportunities Fund. (2017)


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